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You Told Us!

We asked you what was missing from this picture, and you told us! Here’s what you said is either missing or is not clearly enough depicted (many of you wanted more solar panels, and clearly our inclusion of co-ops wasn’t prominent enough).



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    • fragtal

      The question posed is: “What’s missing from this picture?” To me, it’s safe, affordable housing! I want to live in a walkable community, and eliminate internal combustion engines from town centers. That seems to be incorporated in the plan! My bad. Looks like you’ve covered that base. I’m impressed!

    • Dianne Cedeno

      I love the fact that there are no cars in the picture. I live in NY and the question was asked, “should we do away with the horse and carriage that is used for sight seeing in NYC? And my response is no lets get rid of the cars.

    • Sarah

      The comment about affordable housing is right on – though maybe it’s implied with some of the other pieces. But should be more explicit.

    • rita

      How does this movement relate/connect to the Conscious Capitalism movement?

    • william l fell

      Where’s the high speed rail? Solar panels?

    • Paul G. Rider

      Where are the faith communities? Seems to me this is a big part that is missing. Believe it or not, the faith community can be a major force for positive change. The congregation I serve in Minnesota was instrumental in making our community the first Fair Trade community in the state and our Green Team is a leader in the area of faithful stewardship of creation.


    • Robert Shorin

      People enjoying recreation areas are missing — from national and local parks to community playgrounds and baseball/football fields.
      People engaged in wildlife activities are missing — from fishing in rivers and streams to outdoor camping and photographing animals in their natural habitats.
      Our Post Office is missing — the one place where a multitude of government services are made available.
      It’s missing the American Flag on top of certain buildings, preferably the school building, Post Office, and Town Hall.
      Transportation is missing — a plane in the sky, a truckload of merchandise, a train crossing a bridge.
      A performance center is missing — for ballet, music, and plays.
      An art gallery is missing, and a museum to house historical works of art.
      No statues anywhere?

    • Daphne Wysham

      Biodiversity is missing and is a key component in resilience. Also, there doesn’t appear to be any way to connect the work of building a new economy locally with supporting similar transitions globally and learning from older and indigenous cultures globally more about resilience.

    • Gordon Glick

      What’s missing is a clear portrayal of worker control of enterprises, and those enterprises meeting to determine the needs of the people regarding production and distribution of goods and services. A decentralized model will be the one required to save the planet from the rapacious practices of extractive industry.

    • Ron Carver

      I want a dance hall/arts center and a community sailing pavilion like you currently have on the Charles River. As a kid I was able to buy a kids membership and learn to sail for $1 for the season. For 5 Cents I could take a bus in from Winthrop to Orient heights and then the subway to Scollay Square or Charles Street and walk over. So, please don’t forget mass transit.

    • Helen L

      Oh boy…

      Those building designs won’t work in the new economy. They need to be passive solar oriented south and passive geothermal oriented into hillsides with thermal mass insulation.
      Tap the micro hydro power of the river. Where are the sailboats which will deliver outside goods when the highways crumble? Where are the port warehouses? The windmill design materials are too energy-intensive. Need to be sustainable renewable design /wood.
      Need to use up that empty lawn space. Not enough food in the picture to feed the locals. Where’s the mature landscape, the food forest, the wild game?
      Really the greenwashed technofantasy is not the future. Cottage industry must return to replace unsustainable large scale manufacturing.
      The pipeline is a ponzi scheme/lie that will not deliver any energy, so no need for protestors.
      I could go on and on.

    • Matt Lykken

      The picture is missing some background parameters that will enable the new economy to work. So, for example, now many towns across America have only a WalMart, WalMart procures its stuff in bulk from China, and would-be U.S. small manufacturers cannot find a viable outlet for their products. We need certain structural changes to pull high-end production back into this country to serve as the foundation for other positive developments. Part of that solution is tax related – a company today can earn 54% more, even with the same pre-tax cost structure, e by producing things outside the U.S. rather than within it, and can invest 54% more by building plants anywhere on earth EXCEPT America. The Shared Economic Growth proposal, explained at , would correct this stupidity in a manner that would help rebalance the system in favor of middle class workers and savers rather than rich speculators, while reducing the deficit and making corporations more easily subject to popular control.

    • http://none Laura-Jean

      Two things i notice are missing the 2cd picture are the wind energy, windmills, and walk ways. Good that there is no cement with its mercury content, but paths are a BIG help for older folks with poorer balance and/or neropathy in their lower extremities. We need more non-carbon based energy.

    • Steven B Kurtz

      Self-sustainable, resilient communities require populations that do not exceed the natural carrying capacity of the bioregion. Potable locally sourced water, waste sinks, air quality, and healthy soils are examples of natural wealth which is depleted if demands are beyond a stable scale. Family planning services provide valuable health care and education. Planning commissions must address the desired limits to development of both housing and commercial projects. Recall the song lyrics about paving over paradise in Big Yellow Taxi.

    • Alanna Hartzok

      What is missing is HUGE and INVISIBLE yet CRUCIAL. All these good things you picture will do what to the value of land? Increase it, correct? Then what will happen to the cost to rent a place to live, or the cost of mortgage? Increase, correct? So who are you doing all these grand improvements for? The landlords and the banks! You very much need to get tax incentives correct with a property tax based on land value (commons rent) while removing taxes on the good things – wages and productive capital.

    • Jerry

      I would add a train station or bus stop aka transit perhaps with an arrow that says City and therefore add the City in the distance! Maybe add a rec or community center as well.

    • ed sacco

      KIDS ETC.