Webinar Series: Building Community & Regional Resilience

Net Zero New England: How our Region Can Supply All its own Energy through Renewables
With Commissioner David Cash of the MA Department of Environmental Protection
Thursday, April 10, 2pm ET
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According to experts, New England has the potential to supply all of its own energy needs through clean renewables. Maximizing off-shore wind turbines alone would produce so much energy that a surplus could even be sold back to the national grid. Find out more about this intriguing possibility during this webinar with David Cash, Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection in Massachusetts. We’ll hear the case for “Net Zero New England,” and consider how grassroots groups can play a role in a transition to a self-sufficient region. Register here! 

A “Regionally Reliant” New England Food System
With Food Solutions New England
Spring 2014, Exact Date TBD

Join us for a conversation with Food Solutions New England, whose research shows that we can produce 70% of our own food within our six state region—even with a population of 17 million. Learn more about their vision for health, nutrition, and resilience in New England’s food system.

Bridging Class Divides to Create Community Resilience
With Betsy Leondar-Wright of Class Action
Tuesday, May 13, 12pm ET
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Does your community group want to engage people from diverse class backgrounds? Do you want to increase turnout at your events, and effectively engage the public to enhance resilience in your area? If you answered yes to these questions, you don’t want to miss this webinar. Building on insights from Betsy’s groundbreaking new book, Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures, this participatory workshop will enable participants to look through a class lens at their own community work. It will offer tools to draw on the strengths of all class cultures to build cross-class alliances for change. Register here!

How to Measure Progress? Replacing GDP with the “Genuine Progress Indicator”
Stories from Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub
Thursday, May 22, 12pm ET
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What if we defined economic success not by the money we spent and the goods we consumed, but by the quality of life we create? The Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) does exactly that. From the costs of crime, pollution, commuting and inequality, to the value of education, volunteer work, leisure time and infrastructure, the GPI helps us understand the true impacts of our policies so we can create the sustainable economy that we want.

Did you know that Maryland and Vermont have adopted the GPI at the state level, and Massachusetts is considering doing the same? Join us to hear about the role grassroots groups and activists are playing in these states and beyond to support alternative economic measures. We’ll hear stories from Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, and the mid-Atlantic Transition hub, and consider how our own states can continue—or begin—to measure what matters.