Join the Regional Organizing Committee (ROCkers)! – New England Resilience & Transition

A letter from Keene attendees to grassroots groups in New England

Do you want to ROCK resilience regionally? Join the ROCkers!

This is a call to action to join the Regional Organizing Committee (aka the ROCkers), a New England network of resilience rockstars.

The ROCkers is an open, flexible, and transparent group. The purpose of the Rockers is to enhance local resilience in the New England region. We do that by 1) facilitating horizontal communication among initiatives, both in-person and online, and 2) collaborating on local and regional strategies and actions.

To join the ROCkers:

1. You must be active in a local resilience, permaculture, green, energy, food, sustainability, environmental justice, new economy, time banking, Transition, or other group.

2. You support the purpose of the ROCkers (above).

3. You commit to supporting and attending one in-person gathering per year, which will vary in location from year to year per the group’s decision. You also commit to attending three remote meetings per year, via conference call or online platform.

The structure and function of the ROCkers will be determined by its members at an in-person gathering we will co-create in the fall. Please come with your ideas, your wit, and your willingness to act!

To join the ROCkers, simply reply to Sarah Byrnes ( by Tuesday, July 15. We’ll then immediately start planning for our in-person fall gathering.