ROCkers Continue to Rock Regional Resilience – January 19, 2015

ROCkers MLK Day

Members of the ROCkers

On January 19, members of the ROCkers met in Boston to continue the conversation about regional resilience and the upcoming gathering of the full New England Resilience & Transition network.

After introductions and a review of our network story that touched on past gatherings in Boston, Brattleboro, Portland, Keene, and Smithfield, we decided to tackle a big question: what are the objectives of the New England Resilience & Transition Network?

We had a vibrant conversation and came up with four overlapping and interconnected goals:

  • Support Inter-Connectivity, both among the grassroots groups that make up the network, and with other kindred networks, such as Food Solutions New England, New England Local Energy Network, etc.
  • Support Grassroots Groups by providing resources and inspiration to tackle issues like burnout, leadership, capacity, expectation-setting, and organizing. Help groups and individuals realize that they are not alone in this work.
  • Articulate a Common Story that conveys our vision for a positive future, despite threats of climate change, resource shortages, inequities, and more.
  • Create a sense of “Network Self-Awareness” among resilience, Transition, and other grassroots groups in New England, so that folks know this network is there to serve them.

See the Goals on this Google Doc.

After lunch, we talked about the upcoming gathering in Keene, NH, and articulated our goals for that event.

Keene, March 21 Gathering – Goals:

  • Provide space for people, groups and networks share their stories, lessons and practical tips with each other
  • Start the process toward articulating our Common Story (see above)
  • Strengthen relationships and connectivity
  • Raise awareness of the network itself, and convey the role of the ROCkers. Convey also that there will be a Fall 2015 gathering, and annual gatherings thereafter each fall.
  • Check in about the network goals (above)
  • Energize people and build momentum!

Read more notes about the upcoming Keene event in this Google doc.

The ROCkers also explicitly considered ways to enhance the connections we hold with other networks, and brainstormed a list of other networks with whom we’d like to connect. We considered shaping the Fall 2015 event around this form of interconnectedness, and decided to return to this question after the March 21 event.

  • Food Solutions New England
  • New England Local Energy Network – plus VECAN and others
  • Permaculture Institute of the Northeast (PINE)
  • Funders Network on Livable Communities (Transportation network)
  • New Economy Coalition
  • State Bank Networks
  • Co-Op Networks
  • The Environmental Justice Network
  • state networks
  • First People’s Tribes
  • National People’s Action State Groups
  • Occupy networks

What’s In a Name? Lastly, we decided to continue temporarily calling the network the “New England Resilience & Transition” network, which shortens to the silly and lovable acronym NERT. This will keep us honest and humble. 🙂

NERT Goals Keene Goals