October 31 Workshop: Leadership Skills for the ROCkers and Other Network Leaders

Members of the ROCkers

Members of the ROCkers

Great news – the New England Grassroots Environment Fund is providing a “Network Weaving” track at their upcoming RootsSkills training – with the ROCkers in mind!

This track with help ROCkers take next steps for the New England Resilience & Transition (NERT) Network, for example:

  • help us articulate more about our own shared story and identity
  • discover points of alignment which can help shape an Action Plan for Regional Resilience
  • help us think about our niche in the region and develop next steps for outreach,
  • and more!

This promises to be a great opportunity facilitated by network weaver Beth Tener. The training will be on October 31 from 1 – 5pm in Keene, New Hampshire.

Cost: $50 for Saturday, or $95 for the full weekend at RootsSkills (including housing on Saturday night). Scholarships are available for ROCkers – just email Sarah@LocalCircles.org.

Read more below, and register here!

Leadership Skills for Networked Work

Workshop facilitator: Beth Tener, principal of New Directions Collaborative, works with leaders in local energy, local food, education, & community development to build skills in working collaboratively to catalyze change.

Many people sense the potential of working in networked ways to achieve greater impact and resilience, yet working in a network is different than working in an organization. It calls for different leadership approaches and skills, focused more on enabling people to self-organize and connect, find common purpose, and cultivate emergent ideas and outcomes. This workshop will build participants leadership skills and capacities to work in networked ways and to create and strengthen network initiatives. We will explore:

  • What does it mean to lead with a network mindset, e.g., in convening, connecting people, and creating strategy?
  • How can our network find shared purpose and generate the value that keeps people engaged and contributing?
  • How can we convene meetings in ways that strengthen networks and create positive results on multiple levels?
  • What are keystone habits to create a culture that supports a thriving collaborative network?

The format will be participatory and offer a chance to try some of the techniques for convening networks, as well as offering opportunities to discuss and share experiences and learning with peers. Participants will also learn about network mapping tools that support people in “seeing the system” and mapping relationships.

Those serving in a leadership/coordinating role in networks or other collaborative initiatives are encouraged to attend.