Webinar Series: Cooperatives and Community Wealth

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 12.02.06 PMBrought to you by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund with support from the New England Resilience & Transition Network, and the Cooperative Development Institute

What are cooperatives and how do they work? What is their role in movements for justice, democracy, and equity? And how can you form a co-op in your community?

This webinar series will explore these questions in depth with some of today’s leading thinkers and practitioners in this growing field. Cooperatives have a long, vibrant history in both the US and abroad, and have been an instrumental way of building wealth for everyday people. More than 130 million Americans already belong to one or another form of cooperative, and this form of ownership is poised to grow even bigger.

Join our three-part webinar series to hear inspiring stories from co-op member/owners, find out about different models and the basic principles of cooperative ownership, consider the role of cooperatives in social movements, and learn how you can form a co-op to build democratically-owned wealth in your community and beyond. Register for just one, or all three discussions.

Photo source: The Ontario Cooperative Association

Series Details

Webinar I: Co-Ops 101


In Co-ops 101, facilitator Jonathan Rosenthal, Executive Director of the New Economy Coalition and Co-founder of Equal Exchange, will lead a discussion about the basic principles of cooperative ownership—what it entails and how it works, as well as an overview of different cooperative models, such as worker, consumer, and housing co-ops. We’ll hear stories from two inspiring worker-owned co-ops, CERO and Toxic Soil Busters, and a resident-owned housing co-op, RAISE-Op about their work, background, and reasons for forming a co-op. Click here for facilitator and panelist bios.

Webinar II: Cooperative Economics and Movement Building

Monday, October 26, 2015
2pm – 3:15pm ET

This webinar explores strategies to connect and integrate cooperative economics with grassroots political power building for a more just and sustainable economy. Panelists from Restaurant Opportunities Center UnitedNew Era Windows Co-op, and Cooperation Jackson will explore connections between community organizing and building models for the future that meet our own needs. Facilitated by Aaron Tanaka of Center for Economic Democracy and Boston Impact Initiative, the discussion will unpack the relationship between direct action, political power building and cooperative economic development!

Click here for facilitator and panelist bios.

Webinar III: Forming a Co-Op

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
12pm – 1pm ET
Registration link coming soon

This webinar will cover the nuts and bolts of developing a co-op. Panelists will focus on business planning, legal and governance structures, and financing as key topics for consideration. The session will provide participants with an overview of relevant co-op resources and technical assistance providers from across the New England region.