Webinar – Transforming Businesses Into Cooperatives: Bringing the New Economy to Scale

~ October is the month of the Coop! ~ 

Tuesday, October 28
12:30pm ET

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Workers in Maine

Source: Island Employee Cooperative on Facebook

Want to build the new economy in your town? The Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) says we can build it quickly by converting existing businesses into cooperatives. Join us on this webinar to learn how.

Webinar speakers assisted in the creation of the Island Employee Cooperative, formerly a privately owned business on Deer Isle, Maine, that transformed into the largest worker cooperative in Maine and the second largest in New England. This transformation marks the first time multiple businesses of significant size and scope merged and converted into a coop – making it a landmark in the new economy movement.

Coops come in many flavors, sizes and shapes, and they can be owned by workers, consumers, residents or other members.

Join us to learn how businesses in your town can be converted to cooperatives to help regular people build wealth through democratic ownership. It’s a model we can, and should, “scale up.” Register here!


Rob Brown

robbrownRob Brown is a Cooperative Development Specialist and the Director of CDI’s Business Ownership Solutions (BOS) program.  BOS works with business owners to help them consider whether conversion to a co-op would meet their needs, and with employees and community members to facilitate conversions to worker and/or community-owned cooperatives. Formerly, he was the Maine Housing Program Specialist in CDI’s NEROC program.  He has a background in community organizing, communications, non-profit and for-profit business development, and public policy development and advocacy. Rob studied economics and public policy at the University of Maine and College of the Atlantic, specializing in rural and community economic development, and has completed the Maine Association of Nonprofits’ Executive Leadership Institute. He has founded several non-profit and for-profit business organizations in Maine, and, nationally, was a William Jefferson Clinton Distinguished Lecturer at the Clinton Presidential Library and School of Public Service, a founding member and Steering Committee member of United for a Fair Economy’s Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative, and a member of the National Skills Coalition’s Leadership Council. Most recently, Rob was the founding Executive Director of Opportunity Maine, a statewide organizing, research, and advocacy nonprofit focused on education and workforce development, energy policy, and economic development.

Matt Meyer

mattmeyerMatt Meyer is a Housing Program Organizer under CDI’s NEROC Program and a Cooperative Development Specialist focusing on Southeast New England and has begun to offer consultation for the formation of new group-equity housing cooperatives in the Boston area. He has a diverse background as an organizer and has worked extensively in leadership training and development at a national level. Matt is nearing completion of the CooperationWorks! Cooperative Development Certificate Program, a 120-hour training. He is also a founding board member and organizer of a Boston-based housing cooperative.